Frequently Asked Questions

No, you must work with one of our partners. Contact Us directly and they will do all the work! The F1Fund platform is specifically designed for our partners to deliver the best results for you. All our fundraisers are launched by them, and kicked off in-person with you to get the best results.
Yes! F1Fund has a simple, intuitive and visual campaign dashboard that lets you track visits, pledges and sharing activity including email reminders.
Right now, campaigns can only be created in the US or Canada. But users may pledge from anywhere in the world.
Your money comes entirely from people who pledge to your campaign! The more you spread the word, the better your campaign will do!
Unlike other services, you do not need to meet a “goal.” The proceeds from your pledges go to you whether it’s $1 or $1million! As well, F1Fund allows pledgors to pledge with PayPal too.
No, but it will help you tell your story.
Yes, as long as it’s for a legitimate and lawful purpose that complies with our Terms and Conditions.
Currently we are only accepting campaigns from users located in the USA or Canada. We are evaluating other countries to expand access to. You may submit pledges to campaigns no matter what country you are located in.
YES! F1Fund has a unique team building feature that lets you build a team. Create a common message and track the team's performance. Read more about team building on our Team Campaign Creator Guide.