F1Fund Partnership Program

Our platform allows you to operate your own branded F1Fund portal. Through your portal you can launch fundraisers, collect donations, and manage your own fundraisers for your clients in one spot.
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It's your program!

Your portal allows you to launch and manage your own branded fundraisers. We handle all of the hard stuff so you don't have to.

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No hidden fee or contracts!

F1Fund’s fees are based on a low fixed rate so you can accurately forecast your programs. We do not require a contract or commitments from you. We pay you directly when the fundraiser closes.


We will partner you with one of our existing partners to show you the ropes and ensure you maximize your fundraising efforts.


Through your portal you can manage, track, and report on every aspect of your program. Our easy to understand charts and reports will give you the edge you need to maximize your efforts.

Team Member Sharing!

Our easy to use Team Member Sharing features makes it easy for team members to join your team in only 3-clicks. Most importantly, SHARE the fundraiser with their friends and family!

Team Member Performance!

A group effort will greatly improve a the performance of a fundraiser. Each member on your team can share your fundraiser and collect donations on your behalf with while giving them the credit through their individual goal. You can track it all through your own dashboard!

No goals needed. No minimum ever!

With other sites, you need goals, whether real or pretend. With F1Fund, what you raise is yours, goals are optional. It’s that simple.

Take donations on site at fundraising functions with your team.

Hosting a team fundraising function? An iPad, Android tablet or a smart phone and you can have attendees donate on the spot! There is even a live 'big-screen' view for in-person kick offs to create a competitive atmosphere to drive success.

Mobile friendly campaigns!

F1Fund’s are all mobile friendly for your convenience and the convenience of pledgors.

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